Conveyancing and Property Transactions

O’Donnell Waters LLP Solicitors have over 30 years experience dealing with all types of property transactions including:

  • The purchase, the sale or the leasing of private Houses, apartments, one off sites for development.
  • The purchase or the sale of development land.
  • The purchase or the sale of agricultural land.
  • The purchase, the sale or leasing of all types of commercial property.
  • Compulsory purchase orders by City Councils or County Councils (CPO’s)
  • Voluntary transfers of land for example parents transferring land to a child where no money is exchanged.
  • Rectification of Title matters in relation to land together with rectification of boundary disputes, completing of first registration applications in the Property Registration Authority of Ireland.
  • Mortgage and Re-Mortgaging Property
  • Landlord and Tenant Law 

O'Donnell Waters LLP Solicitors are available for consultations in either Dublin or Galway or alternatively, if you wish to organise a telephone consultation then please contact our office.